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Campaign of the Month: February 2021

HaaS: Heroes as a Service

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Session 5

Brownies and Covert Ops

Our heroes begin this session in the early evening (eightish) and decide to make a lap around the town before turning in for the night. We run into a drunk gnome passed out against a tree with a cup in his hand; we leave him to sleep it off.

Continuing our rounds we run into Lucrecia (hag like old woman).We ask her about the stone circle and altar we found to the south of town; She tells us it was from days past as a focus for ley lines and the like. Aoibhe and Alastor get their fortunes read by the woman. Lucrecia takes a few strands of Aoibhe’s hair and says: “So many souls are weaved into your destiny, but the pattern is burnt, the weapon you hold, it will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.”

Turning towards Alastor to tell his fortune, Lucrecia says: “I have not seen darkness burn so brightly before, greed is a poor man’s compass, I see gold and riches in your future.”

As we take our leave, to continue our rounds of town, Lucrecia says under her breath : “Your soul shall never rest, death will not cease the pain….” We question her on it but it seems to be a typical farewell saying with her deity.

To the north of town, we notice three brownies under two neighboring houses. Two brownies under one house, one brownie under the other house. Having never seen brownies so easily, or so many so close together, we all noticed them and approached. Aoibhe army crawls over to the little mouse sized hole under the building and tries to entice the brownies out. Alastor also attempts to no avail. He promises them milk with honey will be left out for them at the Trundling Oxen tavern. As we’re leaving we see through the fey shimmer/glimmer to their true doorway, for just a moment, before the door disappears.

As we finish up our patrol of town, Alastor notices his waterskin that he filled in the cave is missing. Verd notices that Aoibhe is missing her soap. Bralin is missing a couple of pieces of chalk. No one else seems to be missing anything. Making a note to keep better track of our gear, since we don’t know how long said things were missing, we complete our patrol and return to the inn.

We return to the inn and ask Bekkum about those two houses where the brownies had taken up residence. He tells us of the two homeowners (the Button and Gepi families), but they don’t seem notable as suspects. Alastor tells Bekkum about the promise he made and they leave out a saucer of milk and honey for the brownies. Then everyone turns in for the night.

In the middle of the night Aoibhe is awoken by Lucrecia, who now stands tall, beautiful; not the hag we saw earlier. She beckons her out of the room with Verd, so he can continue sleeping; into another room, where she tells Aoibhe that she works with a secret organization, the Twilight Talons. She’s stationed in Bellis and she disguises herself as an old hag so she can blend in and gather information. Lucrecia asks for help in getting evidence against the gavel, Deegs, here in Bellis; seeing as how he’s the leading suspect in working with the fey. If the fey ruin the town, then Deegs can move in with the lumber consortium; controlling the lumber game in Bellis, as opposed to the native Bellis “foresters”.

If we can get that information, then we can take that to the big bosses in Almas. We can then make moves to press charges and eliminate that threat. Aoibhe agrees to help and tells the rest of the party about her midnight chat with Lucrecia. Alastor runs to check the saucer to see if the brownies have been by; the saucer is empty.



Great comic writing style in this Adventure Log, and I love the fact that it is complimented by one of those wonderful arcade-style images. P.S: I’m glad the milk saucer was empty!


Session 5